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The services range from a company that wants to establish operations in  Mexico to a company operating in Mexico.

  • Negotiations with the Ministry of Labor and other government offices.

  • Preparation of the Articles of Association and constitution of mercantile companies.

  • Selection of services in the locality.

  • Define the best option to start operations

  • Supply chain, logistics and customs requirements

  • Risks evaluation



  • Employee recruitment.

  • Management of operating costs.

  • Supply chain, logistics and customs management

  • Regulatory compliance of the US and Mexico

  • Development of support networks.


  • Infrastructure of buildings and public services.

  • Start up.

  • Hiring of key people.

  • Compensation and retention strategies.

  • Team building.

  • Leadership training in accordance with corporate values and philosophy.




  • Cost and waste reduction plans.

  • Standardization of both direct and indirect work.

  • KPIs implementation.

  • Lean daily management.

  • Talent retention strategies.

  • Consulting for the implementation of Corporate Governance and / or Family Business, as well as other types of operating models for the corporate compliance of each company.

  • Preparation of Due Diligence (Audit) for the corporate regularization of any company and / or association, as well as for the acquisition of assets ranging from the shares of a company, movable and immovable property, etc.

  • Legal advice and consulting so that our clients can make the best decision when requesting a loan and financing for their businesses.

  • Advice on audits on regulatory compliance and its legal implications in mergers, acquisitions, commercial agreements, as well as internal procedures and investigation of distributors, agents and service providers.

  • Structuring of investment and administration trusts, guarantee contracts and shareholder control, among others, as well as coordination with trustees for their formalization.

  • Translation of legal documents from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish.

  • Support for the apostille and legalization of public documents.

  • Foreign Investment: assistance to state and municipal governments in the search for multinational companies with the intention of investing in Mexico, as well as support and advice to companies with foreign investment for management and lobbying with the different areas of the federal, state and municipal government with the objective of obtaining fiscal and economic incentives for the construction and operation of their companies.

  • Preparation and monitoring of corporate books and shareholders' meetings.

  • Protection and custody of strictly confidential corporate documentation.

  • Trademark and patent registration.

  • Preparation of confidentiality agreements (confidentiality agreement or NDA).


Consultations and legal research for the creation of new businesses.

Consultancy for the Constitution of mercantile companies and civil associations, as well as their registration and authorization from the Ministry of Economy and its offices. The consultancy also includes the preparation of custom Bylaws, co-investment, Joint Ventures, Participation Association, agreements between partners and / or shareholders, among others.

Preparation and review of minutes of ordinary and extraordinary meetings of commercial companies and / or civil associations, from:

  • Meetings of the Board of Directors and / or Partners.

  • Resolutions outside of the assembly.

  • Unanimous resolutions of the shareholders and / or partners.

  • For the transfer of shares and / or social shares between the same shareholders or for the incorporation of a new partner and / or shareholder.

  • Increases and decreases of the capital stock or variable.

  • Subscription of premiums in shares.

  • Dividend Decree.

  • Loans or bond issuance.

  • And other acts stipulated in article 182 of the General Law of Commercial Companies.

  • Advice and consultancy for the preparation, management, negotiation and design for any type of contracts in civil, commercial, administrative, commercial, mining matters.

  • Comprehensive advice for the constitution of trusts, real estate development and control of shares.

  • Review and preparation of mandate contracts (Powers), whether general or special, granted by individuals and / or legal entities, nationals and / or foreigners.

  • Permanent collaboration with Public Notaries (Notaries and Public Brokers) for the formalization and protocolization of all types of documents that the Law or any public and / or private institution requests as a requirement to carry out any procedure.  

  • Management to carry out the different bureaucratic procedures in the following dependencies: General Directorate of Mines and Public Mining Registry, Public Registry of Property and Commerce of any municipality, Single Registry of Movable Guarantees, Electronic System of Publications of Commercial Companies, National Registry of Foreign Investment, Mexican Business Information System, Official Gazette of the Federation, Official Gazette of the State of Sonora (or any other Federal entity).


  • Consulting for the Constitution of Companies with a corporate purpose dedicated to mining, as well as its registration and authorization from the Ministry of Economy, its offices and before the Public Mining Registry.


Consulting for the Constitution of Companies with a corporate purpose dedicated to mining, as well as its registration and authorization from the Ministry of Economy, its offices and before the Public Mining Registry.

  • Dispute resolution through mediation and conciliation processes prior and / or during the judicial process.

  • Presentation of the project to carry out and legally the collection and compliance by extrajudicial means.

  • Search of potentially seizable assets and properties for the feasibility of collection.

  • Attention to the judicial process in any instance, in commercial, fiscal, civil and family matters.


  • Contracts for the construction of tailings dams.

  • Contracts for the purchase, sale, assignment or lease of the surface where the mining concessions are located.

  • Legal audit in the mining area, through an opinion prepared by RM Legal Engineering, which will indicate the compliance or non-compliance of the concessions or their concessionaires in the payment of rights and taxes in accordance with Mexican legislation.

  • Management and support for the application related to a mining concession.

  • Preparation and review of all types of contracts related to mining activity:

  • Contracts for the Assignment of mining concessions.

  • Assignment promise contracts.

  • Royalty contracts.

  • Right of way contracts and / or temporary occupation of the surface where the mining concession is located.

  • Mining exploration and exploitation contracts.

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